Adjust DC Power Supply Adjustable Lab Bench Power Source 30V 5/10A 60V 5A 120V 3A AC Switching Stabilized Bench Source


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DPS1203U 120V 3A, DPS3010U 30V 10A, DPS305U 30V 5A, DPS605U 60V 5A

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  • is_customized: No
  • Output Current: 0-10A
  • Output Frequency: 50HZ 60HZ
  • Output Type: single
  • Output Power: 201 – 300W
  • Features1: variable power supply
  • Features2: digital power supply
  • Features3: laboratory power supply
  • Features4: power supply led
  • Features5: Voltage stabilizer
  • Features6: bench source 30v 10a
  • Features7: Voltage regulator
  • Features8: lab bench power supply
  • Features9: regulated power supply
  • Features10: bench power 60v 5a
  • Features11: Encoder regulating power supply

【Automatic Power Calculation】 Different from other dc power supplies, WANPTEK DPS305U dc power supply can automatically calculate the power value according to the voltage and current, but also can simultaneously display the 4-digit voltage, current and power values, numerical accuracy of 0.01V and 0.001A.

【5V/3.6A USB Interface】The variable power supply has built-in fast charging protocol identification chip that supports USB fast charging function, which is different from the ordinary USB charging interface in that it has a 5V/3.6A output that can quickly charge your mobile phones and or other devices or be used to charge the device to be repaired.

【Short Circuit Alarm】In order to improve the safety of the dc power supply and prolonging its service life, we have designed a short circuit alarm for the dc power supply. When a short circuit occurs, the variable DC power supply will stop output and send out an alarm to remind you. Bench power supply also have safety protections such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and overload.

【Wide Applications】The adjustable power supply features an intelligent temperature-controlled fan and heat sink for excellent heat dissipation and is especially suitable for laboratory, electronic repair DIY, communication equipment maintenance, products line, scientific research and teaching units.

【Packaging】1 x power host, 1 x output power cord, 1 x input power cord, 1 x user manual,





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