Fuel Vacuum Carburetor Synchronizer Carb Tools sync 4 Gauge Set with Rubber Hose Vacuum Balancer Meter Kit For Motorcycle


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  • Length of Rubber Pipe: 30 in/ 74 cm
  • Length of Plate: 15.6 in/ 40 cm
  • Adapter Sizes 1: 1.96 in/ 5 cm
  • Adapters size 2: 2.4 in/ 6 cm
  • Adapters size 3: 3.9 in/ 10 cm
  • Adapters size 4: 6.7 in/ 17 cm
  • Size of Carrying Case: 16.5 x 9.8/ 42 x 24.5 cm
  • Application: pumps/compressors/hydraulic presses/machinery/pneumatic equipment/motors
Product Description
Carburetor Synchronizer Tool
4 Precision Gauges & Multi-Function & Complete Accessories
  • This carburetor synchronizer tool has been proven itself over and over, it is the most sought after tool for this job! The calibration feature allows user to calibrate the gauges before use, which is the primary reason many users choose this tool. This pressure gauge set can be used to test fuel pump pressure, emission control devices, leaking, stuck or burnt valves. It is an indispensable tool for motorcycle maintenance, getting the best performance out of your engine and reduce fuel consumption.
  • 4 Precision Gauges
  • Durable Frame & Multi-Function
  • Complete Accessories
  • Easy Operation
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Key Features
Precision Workmanship
This product comprises 4 mechanical pressure vacuum gauges equipped with a 15.6″ metal plate, 4 lockable brass valves, and color-coded scales for convenient observation.
Excellent Performance
All hardware features a chrome finish with a stable structure and durable construction. And the vacuum carburetor tool can quickly diagnose valve stuck, manifold leakage and synchronize multiple carburetor values.
Essential Working Tools
Our product will provide 4 types of brass tube adapters with variety of sizes, which can be compatible with most motorcycle models, and 4 PCS 30″ rubber hoses to meet the length for motorcycle needs.
Tuning Process
You need to start the engine and check the gauges, adjust the dial and the screw slightly, stall the motorcycle, give the throttle a few snap backs, and repeat the process until the designer result is achieved.
High-quality Carrying Case
This tool kit comes with a heavy-duty plastic carrying case with a handle and front locks for easy transport, convenient storage, and organization.
Various Application
The carburetor synchronizer tool enable testing of the fuel delivery pressure to the engine to check for worn or defective parts, which gains excellent popularity in factories, workshops, auto repair shops, and households.
  • Length of Rubber Pipe: 30 in/ 74 cm
  • Length of Plate: 15.6 in/ 40 cm
  • Adapter Sizes 1: 1.96 in/ 5 cm
  • Adapters size 2: 2.4 in/ 6 cm
  • Adapters size 3: 3.9 in/ 10 cm
  • Adapters size 4: 6.7 in/ 17 cm
  • Size of Carrying Case: 16.5 x 9.8/ 42 x 24.5 cm
Package Content
  • 1 x Synchronizer Gauge
  • 4 x Rubber Pipe
  • 17 x Adapter
  • 1 x Carrying Case
Features & Details
  • 4 Precision Gauges: Upgrade vacuum carburetor set features 4 precision gauges with brass lockable valves. Each gauge has its own individual damping control and calibration control. Gauges are mounted to a heavy metal base intended for bench top use. The colored coded scales on the gauge is designed for easy reading.
  • Durable Frame & Multi-Function: This vacuum carburetor tool features sturdy construction with all hardware is high-grade chrome finish, and it can quickly diagnose improper timing, stuck valves, leaking manifolds, improper fuel mixture, spark misfires, and much more. What’s more, the vacuum carburetor can synchronize the values of up to 2-4 carburetors.
  • Complete Accessories: The set comes with 4 types of adapters for most motorcycle models, and a 4 PCS 30″ rubber hose facilitate remote use. The product also provides you with a convenient carrying case equipped with a handle and lock for easy transportation and storage. In short, these combinations can help you troubleshoot.
  • Easy Operation: When you operate tuning procedure, make sure all gauges are calibrated to zero before using. Firstly, you need to start the engine, let it idle, check the gauges, adjust the dial slightly if the needle is bouncing around, and adjust the screw until the sync is obtained. Secondly, stall the motorcycle, give the throttle a few snap-back and repeat the process until the designer result is achieved.
  • Wide Applications: While synchronizing your bike’s carburetors is the most common and important job to service your beloved motorcycle, getting the right tool to do the job is equally important, it is applicable for pumps, compressors, hydraulic presses, machinery, pneumatic equipment, and motors.
  • Measurement method:1. After the engine is fully operational and the correct idle speed is adjusted according to the standard data, turn off the engine.


    2. Connect the rubber vacuum tube to the pressure gauge and press on the elastic clamp.


    3. Refer to the motorcycle maintenance manual for each model, use the special threaded copper joint, screw into the carburetor thread, the thread is not correct, do not force it in, the threaded joint must be cleaned before the copper joint is screwed in. Also confirm that the copper joint seal is not broken and screwed into place until it is sealed. Insert the other end of the rubber vacuum tube into the tapered end of the copper fitting.


    4. Confirm that the pressure gauge rubber vacuum tube is connected to the carburetor cylinder to be measured and check the number of each cylinder.


    5. Activate the engine. After warming up for a few minutes, start to adjust the carburetor synchronization. After initial synchronization, refuel (accelerate) several times. After returning to idle speed, check the pressure gauge and adjust it again if there is any change.


    6. Refer to the vehicle’s factory data sheet for the negative pressure standard data for the motorcycle carburetor.




    1. Please operate carefully to prevent water or oil, dust and other dirt from entering the passage of rubber hose.


    2. It is strictly forbidden to fall and impact at the height of the instrument to avoid high temperature, high humidity and sunlight.


    3. Wipe the meter with a soft cloth. Do not wipe it with gasoline or solvents.




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