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  • Model Number: ECO-HA102

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Keeping track of your energy consumption is no longer a novel idea, but a necessity. You may be one of the very few that actually turns off the lights when you leave the room, but where else can you cut down on energy costs and decrease your carbon footprint?

This is the ideal energy consumption monitor for your home and office. The on-demand data tracking features allow you to see how much energy you are using every minute, hour, day, week, month and year; allowing you to make small adjustments to your energy consumption.


Display real-time cost/GHG emission/ power consumption

Consists of in-home display and a companion transmitter, and sensor:

—Current Sensor: Just clamp on the fire wire to measure the current with electromagnetic induction.

—Transmitter: transfer the data from current sensor to the Monitor with wireless signal

—Monitor: Receive the real-time data from the transmitter, display readable parameters, such as electricity consumption, cost, and historical consumption chart to you.

View the data of past 7 hours, 7 days, 7 weeks and 24 months

Historical graphical chart of electricity consumption, cost and CO2

Time and Calendar function

An audible alarm for excessive electricity consumption(alarm amount are adaptable).

Valid for single and dual tariff

Single, two-phase or three-phase system compatible

433MHz transmission range exceeds 30 meters

Display currencies: £, $, €

Data storage capacity: 2 years

Backlight display

Dimension: 120 x 80 x 40mm for receiver; 102 x 64 x 28mm for transmitter.

Battery lifecycle for receiver: one year. For transmitter 2 years.

DC adapter input (optional)


Wireless signal frequency: 433.93MHz

Wireless transmission distance: Min 30m, Max 70m (at sight)

Electricity monitor measuring range: 10w ~ 17.5KW (single phase)

External power:5V DC for display

Operating temperature: -10 ~ 60

Storage temperature: -20 ~ 75


Dimension: 118 x73 x 40mm for receiver;102 x 64 x 28mm for transmitter;

Electricity measuring accuracy: >95%;

Measuring current: 100mA-70A;

Voltage setting:100~250vAC;

Transmitter sample rate: 2s, 8s, 64s;

Transmitter range 433.93MHz transmission range exceeds 30 meters at sight;

Carbon ration:0.5kg CO2/KWH;

Electricity Monitor power supply: 3pcs AA for receiver (include); 3pcs AA for transmitter(include);


1x Display

1x Transmitter

1x Sensor

1x energy efficient guide

1xUser Manual



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