Digital Soldering Iron Electric Solder Iron 0.96inch OLED Screen Support PD3.0 Welding Solder Rework Station Welding Tool


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  • is_customized: no
  • Model Number: Electric Solder Iron
PTS200 Handheld Electric Soldering Iron 0.96inch OLED Screen Digital Soldering Iron ESP32 Welding Solder Rework Station Support PD3.0 Compatible T12/TS100/TS101 for Soldering Electronic Modules/Boards
1. High Power Output: With a power output of up to 100W, our electric solder iron can heat up to 450 degrees in just 8 seconds – that’s super-fast! This feature enables you to complete your welding tasks quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.
2. Wide Compatibility: Our smart soldering iron supports PD3.0, QC2.0, and QC3.0 protocols, ensuring broad compatibility with a range of devices and accessories. This feature ensures that our product is versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for both personal and professional use.
3. Advanced Technology: Equipped with an ESP32 MCU and open-source software, our soldering iron supports user-made firmware updates. This feature of portable soldering iron allows users to customize the tool according to their specific needs, ensuring greater control over the welding process.
4. User-Friendly Design: Our soldering iron features a CNC-machined metal body and ergonomic design, providing durability, reliability, and excellent heat dissipation. The 0.96-inch OLED screen displays rich content, including temperature and battery level, while the precision gyroscope enables high-sensitivity auto-sleep mode.
5. Customizable Settings: With its multi-segment calibration function and adjustable sleep time and suction level, our handheld electric soldering iron allows for precise customization of settings. This feature enables users to tailor the tool to their specific needs, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency in their work.
Model Number: Electric Soldering Irons
Is Smart Device: no
Screen: 0.96 inch OLED
Power and data interface: TYPE-C (need to bring your own power cord)
Maximum output power: 100W (depending on the power supply you use)
Temperature control range: 50-450 degrees
Temperature stability value: ±5%
Soldering iron tip resistance value: 4Ω (customized heating core)
Input voltage: 9V 2A/12V 1.5A/15V 3A/20V 5A
Shell material: ABS
Length: about 190mm/7.48inch
Advantages of PTS200 V2:
1. Both software and hardware are newly developed, compared with ordinary soldering irons on the market that use general solutions, the quality is better and the use is more stable.
2. The main controller used is ESP32-S2, which has very rich scalability.
3. The texture of the all-metal CNC body is much better than ordinary injection molding shells.
4. The innovative design of different fasteners allows users to replace different types of soldering iron tips
5. We added a very beautiful and practical metal cap to it for free. When the user finishes using the soldering iron, just tighten the cap, and it can be carried immediately, just like a pen, easy to carry
6. The fuselage is equipped with ST gyroscope, which can realize very sensitive sleep detection at present. It can sleep when you put down the soldering iron and start working when you pick up the soldering iron. And support users to develop high-level control of gyroscope gestures for secondary development.
7. Built-in buzzer, users can customize different sound effects, very interesting
8. Firmware upgrade: more interesting firmware will be supported in the future. Currently, firmwares such as Iron OS and Open T12 are being ported, and will be updated in our GITHUB community in the future.
9. The actual maximum power of most PD soldering irons on the market is about 50W, while our soldering iron can easily achieve a real output of 100W.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


     Package Includes:
1 x Electric Solder Iron





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